S2E47 Voices from the Front Lines with Corrections Officer, Mike (Summer Series)

Show Notes
I can hardly wait to share this episode with you! Today I am joined by retired Corrections Officer, Mike, who shares about his long and successful career working in prisons both at a state and federal level in the united States. He shares about the importance of support, the need for coping, the tools for sustainability and so much more. No matter what kind of First Response or Front Line Work you do, there are some awesome takeaways from this one that are applicable across the board. 

Mike is the host of the Prison Officer Podcast – check it out here. You can also find him writing for CorrectionsOne.com, here(search Mike Cantrell).

Episode Challenge:
Who are your support people who keep you grounded? Who are your mentors and allies within the work? What helps you sustain an identity outside of the job you do?

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Additional Resources:
Learn more about the Beating the Breaking Point Resilience Series & Survival Guide – a complete program that offers a step by step road map to build a plan for sustainability and wellness, designed just for First Responders & Front Line Workers and the challenges you face. 

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