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Where it all started. 


In 2017, ThriveLife Counselling & Wellness was born. Located in the beautiful, river-side community of Fort Langley, BC (Canada), we built a team of highly qualified counselling clinicians with diverse areas of practice, each one highly respected in their area of specialization. Our team currently includes 15 clinicians and serves approximately 125 clients each week - it has quickly grown into one of the largest private practice counselling clinics in our area.

The thing about amazing teams of people, is they have amazing ideas that can flourish into something truly special. For our team, the deeply rooted passion for helping people that drives our daily interactions with our counselling clients, continued to nag at us. Our clinical work is incredibly rewarding and meaningful, but it is also limited in it's impact to one person, couple or family at a time. We found ourselves wondering how we could share the wisdom we've gained from years of research, learning and supporting people to a wider audience. 

This was the beginning of myThriveLife. We have worked hard to develop a series of free and paid resources that synthesize psychological research and clinical practice to offer you meaningful tools for real-life transformation right where you're at. Accessible from anywhere, at any time, these resources are meant to educate, inform and empower. We want to see the whole world thrive.

Our educational courses, workshops and tools can be powerful prevention or early intervention for mental health and wellness; meaningful support and practical guidance while waiting to access formal services; and a deeply rooted orientation to principles and strategies as a worthwhile adjunct to therapy.

Our Contributing Clinicians 

Clinical Counsellors by Day...Educators & Authors (and possibly superheroes) by Night

Karen Peters


Karen and her husband are parents of two kids, 9 and 12 years old, who have very different personalities from one another making parenting an interesting challenge at times. Sibling dynamics, negotiating how needs can be met, navigating their unique stages of development, and balancing family needs with work demands have helped Karen to understand things from the inside of the story. 

She has also worked with children and parents for 30+ years; in recreational and educational summer programming, in daycare settings, teaching music and mental health group programming for kids in elementary and middle schools, as a therapist and provincial quality analyst with B.C.'s Child & Youth Mental Health program, and in private practice. 

She's been passionate about education, prevention and early intervention with kids her whole career. In addition to completing her Master's degree in Counselling Psychology with a focus on child development and family dynamics, she has engaged in ongoing training for the last 20 years, adding current and relevant tools to her helping toolkit.

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Lindsay Faas


Lindsay has invested her career in learning all she can to support trauma-survivors. Beginning her career in the non-profit sector working with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and childhood abuse, and then transitioning to private practice with a specialized focus in complex PTSD and associated concerns, Lindsay has supported hundreds of people in overcoming huge obstacles and living thriving lives. 

With a deep desire to create a community of helpers to support one another in supporting their clients, Lindsay opened ThriveLife Counselling & Wellness in 2017 and continues in the role of owner and director of this growing practice in Fort Langley, BC.

Lindsay has a strong reputation within the community as one of the top referred clinicians to work with survivors of trauma, and is involved in supervising and training developing clinicians in trauma-informed practice.

With the support of her husband and two children, ages 5 and 3, Lindsay is thrilled to embark on bringing her extensive clinical training and experience to an educational role, teaching those facing hard experiences how to thrive.

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Matt Armstrong



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