Growing Connection As A Couple While Growing Your Family.

You're having a BABY! A-mazing. I'll bet you've already done a ton of preparation, fueled by some major excitement. How awesome is that?! I remember how fun it was gearing up for our baby's arrival with friends and family, making lists of baby names, researching all the best gadgets to make things a little easier on ya once you're in the thick of it, and making sure your car seat is installed properly. As you approach the date, you pack bags, paint rooms, deep clean your home, have baby showers, organize your supplies, and learn all about diapers, methods of feeding, and so on. 

Here's what we thought we were prepped for, and quickly realized it wasn't our couple relationship was gonna thrive while parenting, particularly in the first few years after the transition from couple to family. I can't highlight enough how those first months and years can shape strong and lasting dynamics between you as partners that in turn shape how you are as a family and respond to your kids. The key is to kick it off knowing what dynamics you intentionally want to cultivate and which ones you want to notice and flag quickly, so they don't begin to define how you are together. The stress of having a baby and adjusting to this new phase of life is significant - the research shows this is true for most couples. Being prepared for how you're going to proactively nurture positive ways of relating when the stress hits hard, can ready you for managing that stress well and ensure your couple relationship stays strong and healthy. What we know is that without these evidence based skills, it can quickly erode our partnerships, changing the basis from which we wish to become as a family - warm, nurturing, and capable of managing conflict well. 

If you had asked us before our girls arrived, we would have said, "we're so ready for this....we're so on the same page". We weren't lying. We were ready in so many ways. We read all the books, and had open conversations about roles and expectations, but one only knows what one knows. There were lots of things we hadn't thought to talk through simply because we didn't know how important they'd be.  My goal is to let you in on the secret of those missed topics so you can put in place family-securing scaffolding around your beautiful couple relationship. We'll address key foundational principles based on the Gottman Institute's world renowned research on healthy families and what makes couples stick together well. This is a step in your preparation process you won't want to miss.

Join me on this 9 Part series, preparing you for things you didn't know you needed preparing for. When you're slumped over the crib at 3am, attempting to soothe an inconsolable baby for the 6th time and trying to reassess how the parenting roles didn’t pan out as you thought they would, you’ll be thankful you did.

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Prepare Your Relationship...

Strengthen Connection

Research shows that couples experience significant decreases in relationship satisfaction when they bring home a child. Research also shows specific ways to prevent this decrease and strengthen connection.

Have a Game Plan

You may think you've had the big conversations and that you have a solid plan for when your child joins your family - but do you have a relationship plan? Develop specific skills to support your relationship when times get tough.

Create A Legacy of Care

Research shows that couples with healthy connection and tools to navigate the tough times offer their children significant skills to support their success in relationships and in life more generally.

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When You & Me Become Three

Join experienced child and family therapist, and mom-in-the-trenches, Karen Peters in this 9-part course. Designed for couples who are in the midst of growing their families, this course invites partners to strengthen their connection and develop a relationship game plan to survive the transition to parenthood with their relationship intact. Enjoy an engaging presentation style courtesy of an experienced parent that will equip you with the tools to create a legacy of care and connection for the family you are building. 

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