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Living Room Learning Series

A series of family-focused online mental wellness programs designed to be practical, easily applicable, and accessible right from your couch. Grounded in the latest child development research and created by experienced child and family therapist and mom-in-the-trenches, Karen Peters

Our suite of programs are tailor-made to support families and those transitioning into family life to set themselves up with essential skills for wellness. Our programs are carefully crafted to focus on the information you need most and are delivered in an online format that is easily accessible and totally engaging. 

Our goal in providing these programs is to make wellness ACCESSIBLE. As a clinician, I often hear the difficulty of navigating waitlists, financial constraints, time constraints and so many more barriers to getting support. In creating these programs I have focused on pulling together the information most needed for many of the families I serve, and have packaged it to be accessible whenever you have time in a format that is engaging and invites transformation for the entire family. 

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Is your family


Our programs are designed for families who are struggling in the trenches of family life. Whether your family is navigating difficult tantrums, a child working to manage anxiety, or struggling to maintain while waiting for support resources for children with special needs... our programs and resources are created with you and your families wellness in mind. We also work to offer resources for prevention.

Never enough


The busy-ness of family life can make it challenging to read the books, attend the workshops and acquire what you need. Our programs are designed to be a connecting space for families, to engage and learn together. To support each other's learning and fit within the time you have. We provide our programs in our easy-to-access online platform to allow you to engage on your terms.

Need it to


All courses are designed based on current research and evidence-based best practices. The tools provided are practical and applicable. The family together learning format creates common language, and common foundational skills. Supporting one another's learning sets everyone up for success.

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Pre-Parenthood / Early Parenthood Programs

Program for Expectant/New Parents

When You & Me Become Three

Couples transitioning into parenthood have a lot going on and so much to adapt to. For many, couple relationship satisfaction plummets as parenthood exposes us to new pressures and stresses. Learn the evidence-based strategies for building connection and cementing your relationship, and be prepared with the foundational skills to help your growing family to thrive.

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Workshop for Waiting Adoptive Couples

Adoption: What to do While You Wait

Create intentional space to join together and unite in the waiting. Learn strategies for building connection and cementing your relationship as you wait, and be prepared with the foundational skills to help your growing family to thrive.

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Early Childhood Programs

45 Minute Parent Online Workshop

10 Strategies for Co-Regulation

Learn the fundamental aspects of regulation and supporting regulation in your kids. Develop the skills to model this important tool and transform your family to find connection in the messy. This program is designed for families struggling with young children engaging in tantrums, high reactivity and other concerning behaviours. This program is appropriate for families navigating neurodiverse needs and challenges.

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Early - Middle Childhood Programs

Nine Part Anxiety-Reduction Series for Families

CBT for the Family: Tools for Life

Designed for families with children between 5 and 12 years of age, struggling with anxiety and stress in the home. Transform patterns together in this fun family-oriented learning experience...from the comfort of your couch! Apply research based cognitive behavioural tools, and transform family patterns. 

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Additional Resources and Supports

Free Podcast

Parenting in the Trenches

Our free weekly podcast that covers all things family. We tackle the highs and lows of parenting, the tough topics and uncomfortable conversations, and walk the messy, sticky, chaos of this parenting gig, together. Click below to learn more and sign up on our podcast page to get our weekly Letter from the Trenches emails that let you know about new episodes.

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Free Resources

Our Library

We love developing resources for families and supporting families to thrive. Check out our library of free resources designed with families like yours in mind. Our library covers a wide range of family-related topics, but we are always looking to add valuable support where we can, so please let us know if there is a topic you would like to see covered by emailing [email protected]

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