Does this sound familiar?

You have hit it. Your boiling point. The point where you want to scream or pull your hair out, or cry. You knew it was coming, the build-up was obvious: you're running late and breakfast is burning and you obviously lost your mind and dared ask your child to put on socks... You know what I'm talking about, right? 

Whether it's socks, eating a vegetable, negotiating getting into their car seat/doing their school work, or navigating meltdowns in the grocery store - we've all been there. That moment when as a parent you are stretched so thin that the "right thing," the "best thing," the "good parent thing" is not what wants to come out. And immediately following that moment is shame. Shame for reacting, shame for not doing it better, shame for the judgmental looks from strangers passing by.  Ugh. That feeling is the worst. 

The thing is, there is no manual for how to make your wonderful, learning, growing, boundary-pushing child gleefully wear socks (or whatever your personal hurdle is). And while the prospect of a manual with step-by-step instructions for how to shape child behaviours would be appealing (right!?), what if that's not really what we need to reclaim some sanity and support our kids best? What if what we're actually looking for is something deeper: the tools to create an intentional, real, human connection with your child that allows you to overcome challenges like the socks without it ruining the day,  distancing you, or sending you into a parent shame spiral? 

Are You and Your Family Struggling With...

Managing Behaviour

As parents, we want to do our best for our kids. But it can be hard to support kids well in moments of correction when their emotions are running high. Especially when you're tired, stressed and it is the ten-bazillionth time that you're addressing the same behaviour.  

Keeping Your Cool

Keeping our own feelings in check can be tricky. Whether we are fighting our own upbringing, or the cruel combination of stress, exhaustion and impatience from the wear and tear of daily life, regulating ourselves can be hard. 

Deepening Connection

So often it can feel like we get through the messy moments, handle the behaviours and keep our own reactions "in check"...but it didn't feel great. Everyone walks away feeling disconnected, and a little uncertain about where they stand.

Let's Talk About Co-Regulation

This Course Will Help You To...

Get Curious

Take on the role of emotional detective.  Learn the things to look for and get curious about what is going on for you and your child.

Feel Empowered

Let's get real, parenting will never be perfect - but that's kind of perfect. Be empowered to be real, supportive and connected.

Grow Connection

Discover ways to use the hard moments to build connection and thrive instead of falling into disconnection and hurt.

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