Are you struggling with anxious, or high-stress kids?

I see you, brave parent.

I see you doing all you can to show up each day. Tired, so tired, but there. And that counts.

I see you working so hard to offer what you can to your child. I see you seeking out resources, looking for anything that might offer answers, solutions, or useful suggestions. I see you researching all of the options and working to get on every program wait list for services, and supports...the wait can be so long. And once you are in, the commuting and appointment commitments can be exhausting. I see you. Honestly, I've been you. 

After years working with families just like yours, and years navigating many of the same challenges within our own family, I've seen the broken parts of the system. I long to take what I've learned and offer it in a way that creates meaningful connections within families, and offers solid tools to transform patterns of anxiety, stress and disconnection. CBT for the Family: Tools for Life is designed to bring families together, create common language and common foundational skills for relating with and supporting one another. And all from the comfort and convenience of your own couch. 

Let me offer you some of the top tools, grounded in rock-solid research, to help you find calm and connection as a family.

~ Karen

Is Your Family Struggling With...

Anxiety Overload

Is your family struggling to manage anxious/high-stress responses of one or more children within your home? Reactions that are disproportionate to the situation and feel overwhelming to parent?

Challenges of Daily Life

Does the anxiety show up in ways that impact your whole family? Things like difficulty going to school, separating from caregivers, and restricting the family from going to social events or outings...

Desperate to Find Help

Has your family been seeking support? Waiting on program wait lists, or struggling to know where to go or who to see that will help? Are you using every spare moment reading books and researching to find solutions?

Part of the Living Room Learning Series

CBT for the Family: Tools for Life

Join experienced child and family therapist, and mom-in-the-trenches, Karen Peters in this 9-part course. Designed for families struggling with one or more children between 5 and 12 years of age showing signs of anxiety. This course invites families to gather, learn and grow together. Enjoy a family-friendly presentation style that is engaging and will equip your family with the tools to reduce anxiety, manage stress and strengthen connections.

Do You and Your Family Desperately Want To...

Reduce Anxiety

Grounded in current research and evidence-based best practices, learn the top tools to reduce anxiety for kids and as a family. Practical and applicable.

Calm Conflict

Tired of the fight? Learn the skills to navigate the tough stuff. Develop common skills and language to manage conflict while maintaining connection.

Grow Connection

Dig into specific ways of creating intentional connection and meeting one another's connection needs in consistent and meaningful ways.

But what is 

CBT Anyway?? 

A highly researched model for change, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy promotes the idea of thoughts, feelings and behaviours being intrinsically interconnected - each impacting the next - and suggests specific strategic ways of initiating and sustaining change.

CBT is strongly evidence-based and has been shown to be an effective approach to managing anxious responses. It is practical and applicable for all ages.

What People Are Saying About CBT for the Family: Tools for Life:

"The online personal interaction with Karen was very helpful for us, and despite the distance we were very encouraged by her personable manner and positive attitude. Our sessions with her helped us as parents to put into practice what we had learned and discussed in the course. And all of this led to a very real change for the better in the lives of our children."


Set Up For Success

Learn about how the course is structured, and what you can expect. We want every family to be set up for success.


What You'll Get When You Sign Up:

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And start growing learning and connection as a family

Ready To Dive In!

Making anxiety reduction and improved wellness for kids more accessible

In an effort to make these resources as widely-available and accessible to kids and families as possible, we have created a version of CBT For The Family: Tools for Life designed for use by teachers in classroom settings; as well as access for schools to purchase discounted bulk packages of this course to distribute directly to families in need. 

CBT For The Family - Classroom Edition

We understand that managing a classroom is hard, especially when a class includes kids struggling to manage their anxiety. So we created a version of the course for classroom settings.

Educators can purchase the full course curriculum, including permission to print personal activity workbooks for each child in the class, as well as receiving a specially designed teacher's handbook to guide use of the course in a classroom setting. This version of the course is designed to support common language and enhance coping and wellness in the classroom. Students are encouraged to take the workbook home and bridge their learning into their family environments. 

Please contact us at [email protected] for pricing and to register for this option.

Schools Support Wellness, One Family At A Time

Schools have the power to be a game-changer for families struggling with anxious kids. As observers of children's behaviours and challenges, educators are often in a key position to spot anxious reactions and to offer early intervention resources to families. We want to support schools in supporting the families you work so hard to serve.

We have created an option for schools to purchase bulk access to the CBT For The Family: Tools For Life course, at a discounted rate, to provide direct access to families in your school body who have a child/children identified as struggling with anxiety or high stress.

Please contact us at [email protected] for pricing and to register for this option.

gather, learn & grow together

Part of the Living Room Learning Series

You think this course looks great? Check out the family-friendly series of wellness tools created by experienced child and family therapist, Karen Peters. Dive into topics that impact families like yours. Allow Karen to join you in your living room, and support your family in learning and growing together.

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