Welcome to our Library of Free Tools & Resources Created to Support Families. 


The resources in this library have been crafted to meet families in the thick of it. Choose any or all of these free tools, including downloadable and printable pdf's, engaging and informative mini-webinar videos, and value-packed infographics. 

Tools for the Transition to Family Life

Are you expecting, preparing to adopt, or in the early stages of family life? These tools are for you...

Love Maps Guide for Expecting Couples

Couples experts have revealed several key relationship-building tools and Love Maps are chief among them. Download our Guide to Love Maps to learn why this is such a game changer in strengthening connection.

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Adoption Preparation Checklist

Need some help keeping track of all the things you need to prepare as you wait for the call? We've got you covered. Check out our Adoption Preparation Checklist and stop fretting over what you might be missing.

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Couplehood in the Midst of Adoption

Blog post for thrive-life.ca

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Adoption: Information for Families

 Blog post for thrive-life.ca

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Adoption: Information for Professionals

 Blog post for thrive-life.ca

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Tools for Early Childhood Years

For those working to set their families up for success in the early years...

5 Things You Can Do To Stay Grounded While You Co-Regulate With Your Child Mini-Webinar

When your child is melting down, it can be hard to keep your cool and support them in regulating their bodies. Check out this mini-webinar video packed with tips to help you find calm in your child's storm and be their calming force.

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5 Benefits of Co-Regulation

Supporting dysregulation in kids and teaching the skills to develop self-regulation over time. Challenging the myth of "being your child's calm" and inviting a more do-able approach to teaching regulation collaboratively. Great tools for parents of young children or with neurodiverse needs.

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Tools for Middle Childhood Years

For those working to navigate challenges in the middle childhood years...

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Your Kids Find Calm Mini-Webinar

When kids feel worried it can become all-consuming and can impact their ability to engage at home, at school and with their peers. Learn skills to support worry, anxiety and stress alongside your kids to help them find some calm.

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Parenting Tools for Kids & Digital Wellness video chat with expert Dr. Kristy Goodwin

Parenting in a digital age comes with a host of ever-changing safety and wellness-related concerns. Join me for this video interview with digital wellbeing expert and author of "Raising Your Child in a Digital World", Dr. Kristy Goodwin.

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5 powerful things you can do to boost your child’s mental health


Article written for BC Parent Magazine

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5 Things you can do as a family to manage ‘Back to School’ anxiety

Blog post for VancouverMom.ca

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Transitioning to Summer, When You Have Kids

Blog post for thrive-life.ca

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Anxiety, Our Kids and School

Parenting in the Trenches episode with guest, Shannon Sullivan.

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Digital Wellbeing for the WHOLE Family

Downloadable pdf Living Room Learning newsletter

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Building & Maintaining Healthy Friendships

Downloadable pdf Living Room Learning newsletter

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Additional Links & Resources

Explore various free talks, downloadable tools and other resources developed to meet families where they're at...

Neurodiverse Families Series: On Being Autistic, with Kristy Forbes

I am Joined by Kristy Forbes, who is a master educator with lived experience with Spectrum life. She doesn't look at the autism, she looks from it, and today's conversation will open our eyes wider to the neurodivergent world than they were before listening to her.

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Neurodiverse families: The Myths and Mirrors of Co-Regulation, with Lisa Dion

Learn why coregulation is so powerful, some of the surprising misconceptions about how it works, and ways you can support your child more effectively through those intense emotions that feel like they'll never pass safely. 

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Neurodiverse Families Series: Supporting your child's executive functioning, with Fleur van der Heul

Fleur is both an Executive Functioning Coach and a Registered Clinical Counsellor who works with children, youth and adults who have ADHD, Anxiety and Depression. She'll be standing in the trenches with us today, helping us make sense of why our kids can't seem to get organized, regulate their emotions or effectively study for that test coming up. 

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Neurodiverse Families Series: The ins and outs of Sensory Processing with Kim Barthel

Kim Barthel, award-winning Registered OT, shares her wisdom about the range of how we experience, process and integrate sensory input and the way this manifests in how we navigate the world and our relationships. 

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Neurodiverse families: When feeling unsafe shapes our developing brains, with Dr. Geddes

Dr. Chuck Geddes talks about what happens inside of us and between us when trauma occurs, and how to help kids heal. Helpful for parents, social workers, therapists, educators and support people.

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Neurodiverse families: On being your child's "external brain" with parents from FamilySmart

Getting real about being your child's external brain when parenting neurodivergent kiddos. Lori and Sheila from FamilySmart share their personal experience with us.

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Beyond Behaviours: Parenting in the Deep End of the Pool

This video was produced in partnership with FamilySmart, and illustrated by Chris Peters. Family life and child development are complicated to begin with. Add in mental health struggles and you'll often find yourself parenting in the deep end of the pool. 

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Boundary Building in Relationships with Adult Children and Extended Family

View this video presentation originally created for Parent Support Services Society of BC. Learn tools for setting clear boundaries with those close to you.

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Conversations About Mental Health: What It Sounds Like at Different Ages

Video recorded in partnership with FamilySmart. Learn about connecting with kids at all ages and stages from 0-18 years.

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Relationship Experiences when you’re an Adult with ADHD

 Blog post for thrive-life.ca

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Parenting When Anxiety Shows Up As Anger

Video recorded in partnership with FamilySmart. Part of the FamilySmart "in the know" series

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Paying it Forward:
Wisdom from clients during the pandemic

Blog post for thrive-life.ca

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Coping in the Midst of COVID-19:
mental health scaffolding for the family

Blog post for thrive-life.ca

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Deck the Halls:
Navigating Holiday Stress

Blog post for thrive-life.ca

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Organization for Learning

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Reducing Stigma Around Mental Health

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Mindset, Motivation & Achievement

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Benefits of Co-Regulation

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Emotion Coaching

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Digital Wellbeing for the WHOLE Family

Issue #12, May 2022

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Growing Confidence: Effective Strategies for Growing Healthy Risk Taking

Issue #13, June 2022

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Building & Maintaining Health Friendships

Issue #14, July 2022

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Dealing with Disappointment

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Solving Problems Cooperatively with Kids

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Principles for Adressing Conflict

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Grief & Children

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Effects of Trauma

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Effects of Trauma

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Mythbusting Self-Care

Issue #21, February 2023

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