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A Call To Real Life Heroes On The Front Lines

You've been trained to handle a lot of scenarios, to manage crisis and respond with a plan. But has anyone ever given you a plan for your own wellness?

Much like in any sport - success depends on the right training, the right coach and a solid playbook. In order to continue showing up shift after shift as your best self, and re-integrating into your home and personal life in a way that is present and connected, you need to invest in the right kind of training, with the right kind of coach, to develop a personal playbook that will sustain you and adapt with you.

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But, What Makes This Training Different?

Whether you are a Police Officer, RCMP Member, Paramedic, Fire Fighter, Corrections Officer, Emergency Dispatcher, Nurse, Social Worker...or any other acute care or emergency/crisis response service provider, I'm talking to you.

Grounded In Research

The material covered in this training is grounded in current research and evidence-based best-practices. I will teach you about how your brain works, why it does what it does, and how to work with it instead of fighting against it. 

Super Practical

I like practical, so I teach practical. While we'll learn the background concepts, we'll focus on meaningful applications and you will walk away from this training with a solid plan in place to make it stick. 

Totally Engaging

Trainings that go on for hours and day-long in-services are not conducive to learning. So we have broken this training into 7 video lessons that are each under an hour in length, and work in combination with our workbook tool.

Real-Life Convenient

We value your time, and don't want you to waste a moment you don't have to. So each week you will receive access to a new video to work through (<1hr) and then work through the workbook at your own pace. Easy peasy!

What Can You Expect To Get?

Protect and Re-Claim Your Life from Burnout - Love Your Job and Your Life

You will learn the fundamentals of how your brain and body are impacted by exposure to persistent stress and predictable unpredictability. Understanding this will give you insight into why you struggle, and is the jumping off point to make some changes.

You will learn to step back from survival mode and see the forest for the trees. You will learn to look with clarity on where you are at and how to plan intentional and strategic steps to move you to something better.

You will develop key skills sets that will support your sustainability at work, but even better, will help you come home and be with the people you care most about while still feeling like YOU.

You will walk away with a completely personalized bomb-proof action plan to keep yourself on track. 

The practical components of the program include 7 online video lessons, each one is less than an hour in length to fit your busy life.

You will also get access to our highly reviewed companion workbook, aka "The Survival Guide" that will walk you through personalizing each step of the program to build your tailor-made plan.

All those who register will get access to 3 monthly live Q&A coaching sessions that will kick off in the new year (2023) and a TON of new bonuses we will be releasing soon.

Are You Ready To Take The Leap?

No more procrastinating. No more hoping it will just get better on it's own. This is going to take work, but now you've got a guide and in just a few weeks ,you are going to have a playbook to change the game.

So Why Jump In?

Because, who doesn't wan't to be...

Better On The Job

I have often heard said that you can do the job long, or you can do the job well - but you can't do both. The truth is, that you can't do both if you are never taught how, and most training pays lip-service to mental wellness but doesn't offer much in the way of "how to's". I want you to be awesome in your job, for as long as you want to do it. Because, we need you. And you're no good to anybody when you are numb, stressed and running on fumes. 

Better Off The Job

It is impossible to give all you've got at work, and then come home and be your best you with your family, when day in and day out you are faced with some of the worst, most tragic aspects of humanity. At least, it's impossible without a plan. Your family deserves to enjoy you, and you deserve to enjoy them too. To be present, connected, engaged. Right!? This aspect of your life should not be what gets sacrificed, and all too often, it is.

Better You

Making real change for yourself, shouldn't just be for everyone else. While I want you to be your best self for your work and your family, I also want it for you. I want you to lose that nagging feeling that keeps telling you that you've changed. I want you to really like who you are, wherever you are. To feel like you can show up and be yourself and feel good about that. You do so much for everyone else, you deserve a really great life.

Here's The Roadmap

Topics covered and what's included...and the cacti are not for sale but are a great metaphor for sustainability in rough environments and against all odds...just saying.

But who the heck am I to be telling you about resilience??

My name is Lindsay Faas. I am a lot of things: I am a clinical counsellor who has specialized in trauma therapy for over a decade. I have spent much of my career working with every kind of First Responder and Front Line Worker, including military personnel. I am also the owner and director of a large counselling practice in Fort Langley, BC (Canada). Outside of the office, I am a wife and a mom to two young kiddos who are covered in bruises because they believe they can fly (remember being that blissfully naive??). In the midst of all these things, I am full of ideas and want to make what I've learned readily accessible to those who need it, and during this course, I am your personal guide to transforming how you think about your work and your life, and I am going to help you to gain keys skills for wellness and sustainability.

What you'll get from me is every ounce of wisdom gained from over a decade of working with people from all walks of life, broken down into totally learn-able, do-able skills that will transform how you engage in your work, with your family, with your friends and with your own self.

One of my greatest skill sets is taking complex information, and turning it into straightforward, meaningful, applicable skills for those who need it most. Concepts like the neuro-physiology of trauma, the psychology of lived traumatic experiences, persistent stress exposure and survival instincts, and the patterned responses of humans, are some of my favourite topics to tackle (yes, I do know that's weird). I draw from my extensive clinical experience as a trauma therapist, my inner-geek who secretly (or not-so-secretly) revels in a good research paper, as well as on my own personal experiences and exposure to burnout and vicarious trauma. I meld this with my love for teaching, my heart for connecting and my genetic tendency toward being a straight shooter (the red hair and freckles are a dead giveaway). 

Now let me clarify - I'm not the stereotypical hippy-dippy-trippy type counsellor...although I do diffuse a wicked vanilla/orange essential oil combo in my office on the daily. I am not going to "therapize" or do voo doo magic to make your life different. One of the best compliments I ever received came from a co-worker who had known me as a trainer, then as a supervisor, then as a co-worker and eventually as a good friend. She told me that my gift is being the same me wherever I am. What she meant is the way I show up as a therapist, or as a teacher, or as a friend, is 100% real, authentic and consistent. What that means for you, is that you will get the real deal. Real life tools, with all the messy and nitty-gritty accounted for. I will teach you the fundamental things you need to know to not just survive life in the job, but to thrive - both in the job and in your life outside of the job.

Look, I know you got into this to help. To make a difference. I did too. And when you partner with me and take this step, you'll not only make a difference for others, you'll also see a difference in yourself and will learn to make it sustainable. So even if it feels like your cracks are starting to show, let me show you how to beat the breaking point.

"It enabled me to look at the bigger picture of what actually matters to me. "

Participant Feedback

"100% of participants who completed our evaluation shared that they would be VERY LIKELY to recommend this program to others."

Evaluation Trends

"I am more able to notice little triggers in my life and when I do I know how to work around them. "

Participant Feedback

"100% of participants who completed our evaluation shared that they WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING about the program."

Evaluation Trends

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am so sure you are going to love this training, that I am removing any obstacles or excuses...

When you register for this training, I want you to feel 100% confident that it is going to do the things it says it's going to do. That's why I have created a 30 day money back guarantee...with one small caveat. If you feel, after completing the video lessons and walking through the workbook with your best effort, that this training isn't the right fit for you or isn't giving you the results you expected, then you can email me for a full refund. You will be expected to show that you've done the work to be able to qualify for the refund, because there's no slacking! But if you truly invest the time and energy and still aren't finding that it's for you, no problem. 

That's how confident I am that you're going to love it - because if you do the work, and invest hard, this course will give back big time. So, what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to feel totally comfortable with your purchase, so if your questions aren't answered here, please contact us at [email protected]

You will get instant access to the 52 page workbook, and to the first video lesson. Each week thereafter, you will be sent the next video. There are 7 video lessons in total. Your registration entitles you to lifetime access to view the videos.

The full course is currently priced at $229.00 CAD, which includes all applicable taxes and fees. 

We have tried to keep the pricing of this course comparable to other courses of this nature and affordable to those who need it. 

Many workplaces will support access to this course with budgeted professional development training funding. Please check with your employer and let us know if you require any information to allow for your employer to reimburse or fund access to the training. You can reach us at [email protected].

We want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase and to feel no hang-ups in choosing to dive in to this training. If you contact us within 30 days of purchasing the training and demonstrate that you have participated in the videos and done the work in your workbook, and find that the course is not giving you the results you want, then we will give you a full refund. Photo's/copies of your workbook will be submitted to [email protected], and evaluated to determine that sufficient effort was put in. Refund will be given by the same method that payment was made. 

Depending on the professional organization with which you are registered, yes. Please check with your professional association to ensure that we meet their requirements for credit. A certificate can be issued upon completion if required, and can be requested by emailing [email protected]. We are happy to communicate with associations to support credit for completing this training - please contact us to discuss any measures needed to make this course comply with your associations standards for credit.

Depending on your work, and under the advisement of an accountant or tax professional, the cost of this training may be tax deductible. Please consult with your tax professional to find out whether the cost of this course qualifies as a tax deductible work-related expense given your specific scenario.

We are working on putting together a group purchase discount for teams that want to access this course as a part of their staff training. To access this option, please email us at [email protected] with an indication of the number of participants, and we will send information regarding group pricing and to register.

The workbook is protected by copyright, but offers permission to print for personal use only. Those who register for the course are able to print a copy for their own personal use, but may not distribute the materials. If you would like to share the course with others, please contact us for a group purchase discount price available for workplace teams by emailing us at [email protected].

We welcome questions and want to make sure you feel comfortable with choosing this training. You can send us an email at [email protected] and we will reply as quickly as possible.

Beating the Breaking Point

Ok, you've made it this far. No more excuses. Purchase access to the course now, and get started reclaiming the life you deserve.


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